Manual for Desktop Mobile Eyewash

Nov. 21, 2020

Purpose of desktop mobile eyewash

The desktop mobile eyewash is a necessary equipment for safety and labor protection, and an emergency protection facility for occasions where it is exposed to acid, alkali, organic matter, and other toxic and corrosive conditions. In the event of an accident, use a desktop mobile eyewash to rinse quickly to minimize the damage.

Characteristics of desktop mobile eyewash

1. Desktop mobile eyewash  nozzle: It is made of non-combustible PC material and molded into one piece. It has filter foam and dustproof function. The dustproof cover above can usually prevent dust. It can be washed away by water at any time during use, and reduce sudden a brief high water pressure when opening prevents damage to the glasses.

2. The water control valve of the desktop mobile eyewash is made of brass, nickel-plated, the appearance is beautiful and generous, the valve can be automatically closed, and the seal is reliable.

3. The desktop mobile eyewash is equipped with a flow adjustment control valve, which can be adjusted to a suitable flow for human eyes according to the water supply pressure. 4. Desktop mobile eyewash water supply hose: 1400mm long stainless steel hose is used.

Desktop Mobile Eyewash

Installation Notes of desktop mobile eyewash

1. Install and fix the fixed tray on the table.

2. Pass the taper female end of the water supply hose (with rubber pad inside) through the lower part of the fixed tray and connect it to the G1/2 joint of the water control valve.

3. Connect the water supply hose G1/2 lock female end K with a built-in pad to the water supply pipe.

How to use desktop mobile eyewash?

1. First check whether the eyewash is clean and sanitary, and then open the cover on the two water outlets;

2. Gently push the switch valve by hand (or use a foot pedal), and the eyewash water will automatically spray from the eyewash;

3. Rinse the injured eye against the water column. Do not touch the iron part. The eye and face cleaning should last at least 10 or 15 minutes.

The above information is provided by the desktop mobile eyewash supplier.

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